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Support ABARI = Support RI

Trying to do the right thing for consumers isn’t always easy. Supporting ABARI will just take a few minutes and ensures that we’ll be here on your behalf when you need us.

Why ABARI Matters to You

ABARI continually fights for consumers and our local Auto Body Repair industry. Members work tirelessly to uphold and amend legislation in the state. ABARI advocates a level playing field for all companies in the Auto Body Repair industry and for protection of consumers rights.

DID YOU KNOW: You have the legal right to receive original equipment manufacturer’s parts after your car is in an accident? Insurance companies don’t want you to know that. We do. Click here to learn more about your rights.

DID YOU KNOW: ABARI fights for consumers every day. If you ever have an issue with an ABARI repair shop, we can help you resolve any dispute that may occur. Click here for details.

How You Can Help

One e-mail to your local legislator can mean a world of difference for ABARI. By letting Rhode Island government know you support our mission of protecting consumers, it helps ABARI ensure you are receiving the highest level of service from insurance companies and auto body shops.

Please take a moment to let your local legislator know your support ABARI! Click here.




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P.O. Box 14124
East Providence, RI 02914


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