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ABARI: Educating an Industry for the Safety of Consumers

The Auto Body Association held it’s latest training seminars in conjunction with P+L Consultants in October, and it was an overwhelming success.

We are proud to report to consumers that dozens of our certified shops attended to ensure that their clients receive the latest, most effective and top quality service.

P& L Consulting ensures that our technicians have the best possible understanding of the how, what and why of vehicle damage, which in turn helps the consumer receive accurate estimates and the highest quality service.

More about our friends at P&L Consulting, and why their training matters to the consumer:

Peter Pratti & Larry Montanez teamed up to form P&L Consultants. Peter and Larry have over 50 years of collision and insurance damage analysis experience. As defined by P&L, Estimology® is the study and understanding of the estimating process.

To be a true Estimologist® one must understand:

  • Vehicle Construction Process, Vehicle Absorption of Collision Damage, Collision Energy Management and Applied Forces, Vehicle Collision Repair Process

  • P-Page Logic and Negotiating for Profit and Fairness.

P&L has developed a comprehensive estimating workshop which helps educate ABARI members for the safety of our consumers.




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P.O. Box 14124
East Providence, RI 02914


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