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Support ABARI = Support RI

Trying to do the right thing for consumers isn’t always easy. Supporting ABARI will just take a few minutes and ensures that we’ll be here on your behalf when you need us. Why ABARI Matters to You ABARI continually fights for consumers and our local Auto Body Repair industry. Members work tirelessly to uphold and amend legislation in the state. ABARI advocates a level playing field for all companies in the Auto Body …Read More

Aftermarket Parts: A Risky Business

The insurance companies want you to use aftermarket parts after your accident because it’s cheaper for them. You don’t, and shouldn’t stand for Some shops use aftermarket parts on older vehicles. The law in Rhode Island currently states that the insurer cannot force a consumer whose vehicle is 30 months or newer to accept aftermarket parts in the repair. In this instance, they can only be used with written authorization. ABARI …Read More

Body Shops: Industry Regulations

It’s important that our members stay aware of the latest regulations imposed by the state of Rhode Island. View the official documents and links now. Please use the links below to access the official documents. ► Motor Vehicle Body Repair ► Auto Body Shop Storage Rates ► Motor Vehicle Glass Installation ► Auto Wrecking and Salvage Yards ► Salvage Vehicle Repair ► Auto Body Shop On-Site Inspection Standards ► Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician Certification ► Motor Vehicle …Read More

Consumers: Know Your Rights

ABARI is dedicated to helping local automobile owners get their vehicles restored to their pre-collision condition to protect both their safety and also their investment. The Auto Body Association of Rhode Island (ABARI) is a statewide professional association committed to a rigid code of ethics to ensure the integrity of the collision repair industry and to serve the motoring public through honesty, quality and service. The members of ABARI are …Read More