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ABARI Dispute Resolution Form


Please fill out the form below.  Include all information about you and your repair facility. If you have any supporting photos, be sure to upload them.

ABARI will contact the listed repair facility on your behalf and seek to arbitrate a mutually agreeable resolution.

Your Name

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Your Address/City/State/Zip

Vehicle Year, Make & Model

Repair Facility Name

Repair Facility Address/City/State/Zip

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Dispute Summery

Upload Relevant Photos

What’s Next?

Once you send us information, someone will be in touch within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us within that time, please contact us directly at 401-467-7575.

Auto Body Association or Rhode Island Authority

Although we greatly help consumers and businesses through information and business self-regulation, we are not a government agency, nor do we have law enforcement powers.

• We cannot force a business to do what the customer wants, although most businesses work with us to ensure customer satisfaction;
• We do not have legal authority, nor do we provide legal services. We can inform you of applicable laws and refer you to legal assistance;
• We cannot help either party involved in a dispute break a legal contract; however, we will attempt to assist if misrepresentation or fraud is involved;
• We do not make recommendations or endorsements, but can provide you with a list of shops that have pledged to follow ABARI standards;
• We do not appraise repairs or pass judgment on the price charged for services, however, we can process complaints regarding misrepresentation in these areas.